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Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of every economy; even when they don’t look big, they are the ones who provide employment to thousands and ensure that income goes into the pockets of every small families out there.
Even when SME’s are comparatively small income group when compared to all the big companies in market, they need to follow some statutory matters like paying and filing of tax returns, payroll for employees etc.. The prime motive of an SME is always earning more income so as to ensure increase in profit. Works like book keeping, accounting, admin will take off half of their working time. Every business person prefers his work to be done efficiently at low cost and with minimal interference of his time. We at Exel Solutions provide you the best services at a cost better than the market’s best quote. We are here to take this entire burden off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on your core business and earn big.

We offer the complete book keeping, payroll, management accounts and Taxation. All your requirements fulfilled in one place.

Accountancy firms

Accountancy firms play the most important role in every business. A business person trusts an Accountant in all accounting and tax related matters. Every accounting firm will have their own book keeping, data entry works and also their client’s works.

Full time employees for these works, then you will have to pay some thousand Pounds for these staffs as salary..... Not just salary, administration, infrastructure and all amenities to be provided. Don’t worry, we will do the work and take of all these worries of yours. We can do the Book keeping and data entry works for you at a much lower cost than you expect.

We consider the clients expectations on usage of accounting software’s. We offer accounts processing in VT, Quick books, Exact, Xero and all most commonly used accounting software’s in the market.

We offer the complete book keeping and accounts preparation.

  • VAT Returns

  • Payroll Auto enrolment processing

  • Periodical Management accounts

  • All your data will be secured with us

  • Prices fixed before starting the works so no more surprise invoices in your mailbox,

  • We assure the completion of the work at minimum turnaround time.

IT firms

One of the fast growing business in world; IT people are so in rush to do any of their day to day book keeping, payroll and other stuffs. We at Exel Solutions do it for you with high efficiency and low cost. You can concentrate on your innovative technical ideas and techniques to market when we take care of all your back office work.

We offer the complete book keeping and accounts preparation.

  • VAT Returns

  • Payroll processing

  • Periodical Management accounts

  • All your sensitive data is secured with us

  • Fixed prices for every work, so no more surprise invoices in your mailbox

It is not just back office that we are offering, we also offer Off-shore IT staffing. We can get high quality staffs dedicatedly working only for you. We will also provide all infrastructure facilities for your staff to work properly. Get your staff at a different geographical location, at a cost less than 75% of your current staff cost, incorporate new talents and ideas into your work; thus earn more..

Your SEO works, Website development can be done at much lower price than the best quote you got. No need to forego the quality because of high cost.